Google Map  

How to use

To scroll around the map, click on the map with your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and drag the map to the desired location.

To Zoom in \ out of the map, use the + and - symbols at the top left of the map screen.

Using the Map to show others a location

A really useful feature of this map page is whereby members can locate a specific location, virtually right down to the very spot a species may have been seen (see examples). The map can then be copied and saved to you computer, perhaps for reference or to email to a friend the exact details of where an observation was made.

  1. Search for the desired location using the method described earlier. Then, click on the "Hybrid" button - this will overlay a satellite image onto the map. Then, use the + key (top left of the map screen) to zoom right into the location.
  2. To Save the image, press the "Print Screen" or "Prt Scr" key on your keyboard. This will save a picture of your entire screen (you might want to scroll the screen to hide the Surrey Birders logo) to the clip board.
  3. Finally, open the application you want to store the image in, perhaps a paint shop program, or a Word Processor such as Word.
  4. Paste the image (control V) into the application. You can then use the application to cut out unwanted parts of the screen, and also add in graphics, say a circle to denote where the species was seen.

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Zoomed in image of the walkway through Staines Reservoir.

Zoomed out image of Staines Reservoir