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The aim of this challenge is to see which member spots the greatest amount of different species within a 12 month period. Furthermore, the sightings are restricted to a 5x5km square, your patch.

Your patch can be anywhere within the boundaries of the county of Surrey. It might include your garden, or perhaps an area where you frequently walk, just as long as you abide by the patchlist rules.

Happy bird watching.



1) A patch is any 5x5 km square selected from the OS maps, identified by the central square (e.g. TQ0355) and preferably given a locality name e.g. West Dorking, Papercourt/Send

2) The patch total is the number of different species seen (including those in flight) by the patch `owner'. Heard-only birds can be counted.

3) Only birds in Surrey count if a patch straddles a county border

4) Species totals are based on the BOU list. Rarities must be accepted by the appropriate records committee.

5) An individual can enter more than one patch, but must have a user name for each to do so. The scores are not aggregated.

6) Individual's patches may overlap

7) For the purposes of this challenge, Surrey is the Watsonian Vice-county of Surrey plus the more recently added Spelthorne area (Staines Res. etc).

8) A bird observed from the 'patch' can be counted, as long as it is within Surrey.

9) Dead, captive, trapped, obviously escaped, non-native or hybrid birds cannot be counted.

10) Steve Chastell is the final judge and arbiter of all lists submitted and may make such amendments and clarifications to the rules during the year as seem appropriate